2 Days Workshop : Subsurface Mapping

2 Days Workshop : Subsurface Mapping Techniques

Speakers : Ir. Mustoto Moehadi MM

Place : Seminar B Room, Dekanat FMIPA UI

Date& Time  : Thursday, December 22th 2011


Saturday, December 24th 2011


Fee : IDR 30.000 (for 2 Session) * Include lunch, snack and certificate

CP : Randy Rachman (+6285694497323)

As geophysics students, we are learning about any knowledge those may be related to the oil and gas industry nowadays. We learn about the method which is usually used in this industry. We also learn about how to collect the data from real field, how to process them, and also how to interpret them so we can know where the bright spot is. One of the most important techniques and widely used in this industry is subsurface geologic mapping. Geophysicists are expected to understand and be able to efficiently and accurately generate many types of subsurface maps. Nevertheless, many geophysicists have not had sufficient formal training in the fundamental principles and method that underlie accurately constructed subsurface maps, whether the data source is a seismic interpretation, well log correlation or both. Therefore, as a student who will work as a geophysicist of course we are also required to learn these things.

Geophysics students also have to understand the subsurface geometry, incorporating both structural and stratigraphic  framework is essential to understanding the maps development of potential reservoirs. Subsurface maps represent the cornerstone of data presentation and information transfer in oil & gas exploration & development, whether well log based, seismic based, or both. We focus here on the fundamental principles and methodologies of accurately conveying critical data and information via subsurface mapping.

The purpose of this course is to capture the geophysicist works and roles in International Oil and Gas companies and to provide the work skills of the future geophysicists. Thus, the students are expected to become qualified geophysicists.


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