Short course : Clastic Sedimentology


Speaker : Ir. Kris hendarjo

Place : Seminar UTAMA , FISIKA UI

Date& Time  : Saturday February 18th 2012


Fee : IDR 10.000 * Include snack and certificate

CP : Rizqi Wahyu (+6281389555643)

Ayu Novianti (+6285780275598)

As geoscientist it is important for us to have multiple geological tools as ammunition when doing exploration. One of the major topic and studies we need to master is the branch of geology we ought to become familiar with , clastic sedimentology. Clastic sedimentology is the branch of Geology which studies sediment and sedimentary rocks which are composed of particles that are the products of weathering close to the earth’s surface or at the earth surface. Therefore when dealing with clastic sedimentology we are concerned about gravel, mud, sand and formation into rocks with particulate materials . The aim of this short course is to make sure students are introduced well into the terminology and fundamental concepts which are necessary when dealing with sedimentary rocks.

Many motives we need to base why we should understand clastic sedimentology. First of all we know that because we as living beings interact largely with our earths surface and we know for a fact that the earth even though predominantly made out of igneous and metamorphic rocks , half of its surface is made out of clastic sediments. The surface which is dominated by shale and sandstone is in close contact with human beings. We interact with the sedimentary surface through the earth’s cover of clastic sediments or even sedimentary rocks. We have been blessed because we are able to do anything we want towards this sedimentary surface so it is very important to have studied various properties of our earth by studying clastic sedimentology.


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