Borehole Seismic


In the world of life, it is important for everyone to improve and to explore their knowledge in their life. As geosciences student, we really need toexplore more knowledge about geoscience, which has many tools that we have to know. Not only for geosciences students, but also for professional geoscientist .


As we have known, geophysics has many tools which has the functions and advantages, and has a relation each other . For example, at seismic world, we need to get a wealth of information in wells to gain an understanding of subsurface condition. Because we know that subsurface condition has many different types of contents and layers. Borehole seismic is one of methods to get that information and it deals with recording and analyzing physical properties of down hole such as density, resistivity, wave slowness, and seismic reflection strength. So we must have wealth of information in wells, for making us easier when we have to finalize seismic tools, such as when we have to make an interpretation of that. Until recently, borehole seismology has been relegated to a secondary role in seismology because it generated only 1D or 2D images. So, gain understanding your knowledge in borehole seismic.


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