Indonesia Undergraduate Geoscientists Challenge is an annual competition held every two years as a place to increase knowledge, keep the competitive spirit, and to build a good relations among geophysics students all over Indonesia. The competitions is open for every university from Indonesia from the Geoscience and related major. And University of Indonesia Student Chapter of AAPG proactively represent our member sent the representative team. This 7-days competition has successfully held in Bandung where Bandung Institute of Technology is the host of the competitions.
Day 1
University of Indonesia Geoscientists team went to Bandung on Sunday February 8th 2015. For the next seven days, we were having a great experience in Bandung.
Day 2
On Monday February 9th 2015, all of the IUGC participants had Carbon Capture Storage Seminar. Before the seminar there was a welcoming speech from the UIGC project officer.
Day 3
The first competition of IUGC 2015 was February 10th 2015. The competition was the analysis of seismic acquisition survey and design, where participants made a seismic acquisition design for seismic surveys in certain cases. Liana Christy and Mohammad Lutfi Ismail represent University of Indonesia in Geophysical survey design.
Day 4
On February 11th 2015, there were an elimination stage of seismic data processing competition and the final stage of seismic acquisition survey and design. The day before, at 10.00 p.m. there was an announcement that our seismic acquisition survey and design team advanced to the final round. Imay Tri Setiawan represented University of Indonesia in seismic data processing competition. The competition was hard and tight because the competition ran for more than seven hours. The day finished and the participants back to the hotel and waited for the announcement.
Day 5
Seismic data processing team from University of Indonesia was on the first place in the preliminary round and qualified to the finals. So, it was time for the team to struggle in the final processing competition. Imay went to the stage to present the results of processing he has done. In the same day, the preliminary round of seismic interpretation competition started. Eric Saputra, Galih Dika Paranata and Diajeng Liati represented University of Indonesia and won the second place of seismic interpretation competition qualification.
Day 6
On February 13th 2015, University of Indonesia contingent were at the final Seismic Interpretation competition. Final round is the presentation stage from all team qualified where all teams presented the results.
Day 7
February 14th 2015 was the very last day of the IUGC 2015 Competitions. There will be an announcement of the winner of the competition. Announcement of the winners in this competition made on the closing ceremony of IUGC 2015 with theme “Gala Dinner”. The result were very satisfying. We won the gold medals of Seismic Interpretation competition and won silver medal of seismic data processing competition. Hopefully this achievements could be trigger for our Geoscientists juniors in University of Indonesia. Before going back, there were a photo sessions with all participants.


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