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In Petroleum Industry, there are known two types of company, Oil and Gas Company and Oil and Gas Service. The Oil and Gas Companies are the companies which have a field, while the Oil and Gas Services are companies that provides such services in exploration and/or drilling. In Indonesia, a companies are engaged in Oil and Gas Company such as Chevron and Pertamina Oil Company. While companies are engaged in Oil and Gas Service such as Schlumberger.
A geophysicists do three important stages: acquisition, data processing, and interpretation. Generally for oil and gas methods often used are seismic methods. The seismic method is one of the exploration methods, based on the measurement of seismic waves’ response into the ground and then reflected or refracted into the difference in a layer of soil or rock boundaries. Generally, the source is dynamite. Once the geophysical and geological surveys carried out, the subsurface’s model will be obtained so that it can be known the right point to do the drilling.


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