Team Building- AAPG SC UI 2015/2016

tim built

In order to make AAPG’s committee bond and fellowship stronger, team building was held on September 20th at Kebun Raya Bogor. Most of AAPG’s committee was attended in this event. Beside to strengthen AAPG’s committee bond, in order to maintain a good relation between AAPG SC UI and other organization in Geophysics UI such as SEG SC UI and HMGF UI, this event became a join event with HMGF UI and SEG SCUI. It’s because AAPG will have a lot of chance to work together with HMGF and SEG UI later on. In this event, AAPG’s committee, SEG’s committee and HMGF’s committee went together to Kebun Raya Bogor in Bogor, West Java from FMIPA UI, Depok by train. When all of participant got there, the participants walked around Kebun Raya to find a nice spot to discuss and had a group sharing. After found a nice spot, participants talked about future plan of each organization, discussed problem that might be happen, shared thought and stories, and had a lunch together. From this activity, all committee could plan the next event together and get to know each other well.
Several games were played during the day before we got back to Depok. Game called “ular tangga”,”konsentrasi” and other fun game were played. It feels like a quite short get away from our activity. It was an easy way to relaxed. After all of participant having so much fun, then all of participant went to Bogor train station by angkot together and got back to Depok by train. That was a great day.


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