On November 14th 2014, AAPG SC UI & SEG SC UI conduct a one day lecture that talked over G&G Roles in Oil and Gas Industry, Prospect Maturation, and Basic Operation Geology in Oil and Gas Industry. The Guest Speakers were from Petronas. This event was attended by students from geology and geophysics major.
1. Lecture I : G&G Roles in Oil and Gas Industry by Eric Yoga
Mr. Erick Yoga explained to all participants about the differences of geologist and geophysicist role in Oil and Gas industry. Geoscience is study the process that create earth’s features and search for clues about phase in oil and gas industry. In practice of profession, Geology is study of geosphere by visual method while geophysics is study the earth by indirect method. The role of G&G was giving recommendation to the management of company. If exploration was prospered, then the project would be developed into a drilling well. There were data used by G&G in company to evaluate the exploration such as Published paper, Geological map and satellite image, outcrop data, well data, gravity data, and seismic data. The well log data was used to understand reservoir characteristic in well.
2. Lecture II : Prospect Maturation by Haryono Haryanto
Prospect maturation is evaluation on potential prospek from integrated geoscience. The exploration phase in Oil and Gas Industry were basin analysis, play and lead, and also drill-able prospect. There were four stages of exploration proceses:
a) Reconnaisance survey
b) Data acquisition
c) G&G evaluation
d) Drilling operation
Mr Haryono was also explained about Petroleum system element such as Source rock, Reservoir rock, Seal rock, Migration, and Trap. Petroleum system process such as Generation, Migration, Accumulation, Preservation, and Timing. The migration was divided into primary migration, secondary migration, and tertiary migration. Seismic data was used to subsurface imaging in oil and gas field. There were three things that influenced seismic data quality such as Good seismic imaging, high signal to noise ratio, Broad frequency band. In order to understanding the geology of the subsurface, Seismic interpretation was used to define data analysis problem.

3. Lecture II : Basic operation geology by Aditya
Mr. Aditya explained over his experience in oil and gas field, he is operation geologist in petronas and he explained to participants about operation in drilling. The drilling target must be knowing well, vertical or horizontal target. Then making a survey design and doing execution operation.
Operation Geologist is a person who responsible in well monitoring that is in drilling operation and reporting to management of company. Well side is a person who responsible in monitoring of drilling data in field directly. In some of oil & gas Company, the well side was the same with operation geologist. But in other company which has complicated structure the well side and operation geologist was different.


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