The course were doing by the committee was attending by several students came from undergraduate students and some of post graduate students from Universitas Indonesia. The speaker was coming from PT. Elnusa, Mr. Bambang Aviantara. He explained some of material dealing with the acquisition of seismic exploration in 3-D section. As we know that the use of seismic in exploration and exploitation survey is to gaining the oil and gases, why we have to do that is because of the necessity of oil and gases are still dominated for, and difficult to look for the alternation of them by the others kind of energy.

Mr. Aviantara also informed us the location we could find the oil and gases, the characteristic of oil and gases reservoirs, and the steps before doing acquisitions data. By using geophysics method as he talked to us, it will be easy for us to find the proper location of oil and gases reservoirs. And one kind of the powerful method is seismic method.

In the middle of his explanations was the information of petroleum systems and also petroleum processes. Like we have known there are five main systems in petroleum and five main processes in it. And he informed the reason why we have to use seismic in doing oil and gases exploration, thus because of three main reason, they were seismic data have high accuracy, high resolution and great penetration.

In the end of his speaking were talking about 3D seismic land in acquisition pattern consisting of three main topic, they were about orthogonal 3D design, Slanted 3D design, and brick shooting. In an orthogonal design, the active receiver lines form a rectangular patch surrounding each source point location; creating a series of cross spreads that overlap each other. Nonorthogonal (or slanted) arrangements of source and receiver lines are used to get the benefits of the offset distributions of the brick design without some of the disadvantages, such as 90° turns and noncontinuous source lines (and therefore common receiver-gathers).


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