SHORT COURSE: Introductory Reservoir Geomodelling


On Saturday, 15th of October, the AAPG Universitas Indonesia Studnt Chapter has successfully host a short course event with the main theme of Introductory Reservoir Geomodelling with the keynote speaker Azalea Hidayat, Senior Geomodeller from SAKA Indonesia Pangkah at  Coe Pertamina Hall, FMIPA UI, Depok. Reservoir modelling is one of the many steps involved in the work chain of hydrocarbon exploration. Although usually not implemented early in the exploration phase alongside seismic, reservoir modelling is widely implemented to guesstimate the economic value of a reserve through static and dynamic characterization.

The process of reservoir modelling takes data from both seismic, well logs, and additional supporting data or surveys. Geomodeller then creates the predicted subsurface situation of the reservoir through the combination of deterministic and stochastic method. Faults, fractures, and fissures are included in the modelling to better aid drilling attempt and to delineate the boundary of the reserve. Over time, as fields went through exploration, production, decline, maturity, and abandonment phases, geomodeller constantly updates the subsurface model to optimize and maximize production during the entire phase.

The responsibility of geomodeller is vast and encompassing, but this should not deter any young geophysicists or geologists to specialize in geomodelling. While it may seems hard at first, but thanks to the advancement in technologies and sciences, the life of geomodeller has invariably become easier.

To learn more about geomodelling, join us on our future short courses and workshops where we discuss in details the industries’ hottest topics and cutting-edge science. All inquiries should be directed to the office of AAPG SCUI.


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