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Student Chapter AAPG University of Indonesia were located in the University of Indonesia, Depok, West Java. The organization which is established with the purpose to enhance the knowledge about the development of technology and the capability to exploit these technologies in any various geoscience industries, has more than 45 members. we have already held some short courses and workshops which are necessary to enhance our goal in developing both soft skills and hard skills for the Students, especially members of AAPG. Our greatest hope is able to generate our members who are qualify to stand in the various geoscience industry and achieve the next outstanding AAPG Student Chapter. Join Us and feel free to ask anything about our courses and works

author : Anty Yogaputri

::Let’s The Spirit Soar::

the AAPG committee for 2010-2011

the AAPG committee for 2009-2010

the AAPG committee for 2008-2009

we bring geoscience student to explore the world with leadership and knowledge

we bring geoscience student to explore the world with leadership and knowledge

As one of the Student Chapter of University of Indonesia (SC UI of AAPG) located in Depok, West Java, established in early 21st century. We had done many activities that made improvement to the organization and the member. Our activities cover up from technical skills to soft skills that needed in order to prepare the student for the industry in this challenging world. Today we have more  than 40 members registered as student membership of AAPG and increasingly each year. Rewarded as The Outstanding International Student Student Chapter in 2007 is our best international achievement. Continuing education wih research and study group will be our first priority for the future activities

contibutor: Bei Berger


9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Apakah mahasiswa UI yang non FMIPA dapat ikut bergabung juga jika tertarik dgn petroleum? Bisa bertanya kemana ya? terimakasih banyak!

    • Hi Citta,

      Salam kenal. Kamu mahasiswa Fakultas & jurusan apa? kami menerima peserta seminar dari mana saja kok yang tertarik dengan dunia geologi dan petroleum.
      untuk informasi lebih lanjut dapat dilihat di website kami, lalu kalau mau daftar seminar atau workshop bisa dilihat di masing-masing contact person yang ada.


      UI SC AAPG

  2. We happily recommend all of these photographers at any given opportunity, we even recommend them to people to become friends with. They all truly rock and we are proud to have worked with each one of them x

  3. I would have loved to see the blubber hit someone in the face. Ha Ha this was great. This is how we should operate in today’s society. We should blow up prisons and do some pest control.

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