April 2010

Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy

30th April 2010 and  14th May 2010

by Stephen Murray Scott

The University of Indonesia Student Chapter of AAPG recently conducted two day courses  by Mr. Stephen M. Scott  on April 30th and May 14th , entitled “Exploration Drilling”. This course  explained how to interpret the seismic section based on sequence stratigraphy study by determining bed termination, sea level changes and environment of depositional. This course was attended by 25 students.

Mr. Scott firstly showed us the seismic section of two different areas separated by 100 km, Alaska and North Slope. Between these seismic sections there is a similarity on the 30th shotpoint . After knowing about the similarity between their depositional patterns that looks like sea slug model, Mr. Scott then introduce about seismic sequence stratigraphy study.

On the first day, students had have a brief explanation about terminology of sequence stratigraphy, how the sediment made, whether by tectonic or sea level changes and also the direction of depositional.

On the second day, students had have an exercise of determining the bed termination and marking the direction of deposition. All students had been challenged to practice the knowledge that had already given to them.


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