December 2010



University of Indonesia – Student Chapter of Ameri­can Association of Petroleum Geologists held a short course entitled “Sedimentology & Stratigraphy” on Saturday, 18th December 2010. This course was taught by Mr. Andang Bctiar (Chairman of ETTI & GDA Consulting) assisted by Mr. Rojali (ETTI).

This course was held at Department of Physics, FMIPA University of Indonesia, Depok. Forty one par­ticipants joined this event. This event started from at 1.00 pm until 5.15, consists of presentation session, discussions, and exercises.

Firstly, Mr. Andang explained about the brief history of sedimentology which begans from “Stones Age” (Paleo – Meso – Neolitikum) until modern age nowa­days. He also explains some utilizations of sedimen­tology, such as on the mineral, oil, and gas industry. Sedimentology is such fundamental information which could giving its attributes (characterization), so that we could map those information. He told us about how the important sedimentology in order to determine the suitable methods in exploration.

Right after that, Mr. Andang reminds us about sequence stratigraphy. He explains from system boundary surface, stacking pattern, until system tract. He explains us more about the system tract and clastic environment, also giving simple but interesting examples of Seismic Stratigraphy in some basins in Indonesia. He emphasized his explanation about the basic theory about sedimentation and hy­drodynamics. Here, our course focused on sediment transport type which divided into traction current and gravity flow (turbidite current). In this session, Mr. Rojali helps Mr. Andang when explaining about sequence stratigraphy.

After understanding the basic theory of sedimentol­ogy and stratigraphy, Mr. Andang leads the course to further discussion about fluvial deltaic sedimen­tation. He explained the detail of fluvial and deltaic system by its classification, morphology, and pro­cesses of each system. This session emphasized on refreshing the knowledge of basic sedimentology especially environment with special condition, in this case: fluvial-deltaic setting. He informed us that by learning the system of modern environment would help us in understanding which sedimentological process is working, and also help us to know which our hypotheses are right or still not appropriate yet.

Mr. Andang along with Mr. Rojali are also giving flash exercises about how to determine which system is fluvial or deltaic or even marine. These exercises are giving in very interactive and festive, which increase every participant’s enthusiasm.

Overall, this event is such helpful activity in under­standing sedimentology and stratigraphy in Indone­sia. And of course this is the crucial and important things to understand as the some participants’ back­ground are Geophysics

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