January 2010

Workshop Seismic Processing using Seismic Unix

January 23-24, 2010

by : Befriko Murdianto and Damianus Fritz

23rd January 2010

Mr. Fritz explained clearly about 2D marine geometry systems, i.e. geometry definition, geometry calculation, and data sorting. He also gave us an example for some exercises about 2D marine calculation. He also gave us about theory of seismic velocity and velocity analysis from definition, types, until velocity analysis tools. Then, he taught us about stacking chart theory and multiple attenuation theory. He also explained about deconvolution and parabolic radon transform.

Also, a detailed explanation of velocity analysis is given by Mr. Murdianto, including different types of correction data that will produce different effects to data. In the next session we practiced seismic processing with Seismic Unix based on theory that they give us. We practiced using our own laptop and guided by Mr. Fritz and Mr. Murdianto.

24th January 2010

In this session, Mr. Murdianto began with an explaination about velocity interpolation and poststack/prestack time migration. We also practiced all theory that we learned with Seismic Unix. Mr. Fritz continued with more material about migration. We had an interesting question and answer sessions and instructors were giving answers in details. Although we had an electrical problem at the building, we were still be able to continue the workshop smoothly.


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