March 2010

Exploration Drilling

March 12th, 2010

by Mohammad Syaiful

The University of Indonesia Student Chapter of AAPG recently conducted a seminar  by Mr. Mohammad Syaiful on Friday, March, 12th 2010, entitled “Exploration Drilling”. This seminar explained the one of the important step in petroleum exploration, which is drilling, and was attended by 33 students.

Mr. Syaiful firstly explained clearly about first step in hydrocarbon exploration. He told about the analogous of searching the most interested object related with the object that we want to explore in hydrocarbon exploration on his photo. As an explorationist, Mr Syaiful said that we have to find what is our objection, which in this seminar, he explained about petroleum.

After that, Mr. Syaiful also explained about petroleum exploration steps, which were data collecting, interpretation, and exploration drilling. In exploration drilling step, there were also four cyclic steps, which are drilling, wireline logging, casing, and finally the cementing.

Beside theoretical concept of exploration drilling, he also explained the technical knowledge of drilling tools.

At last, Mr. Syaiful made some exercises related with well log analysis. All students challenged to make the prospecting area based on well log, temperature gradients, and borehole datas. Beside that, students also requested to correlate between two well log datas to find out the prospecting area or prospecting horizon.


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