October 2010

Geostatistical Analysis of Reservoir Characterization

2nd October 2010

Seminar Utama Room, F Building 2nd Floor, Department of Physics, FMIPA – University of Indonesia
by : DR Charlie Wu

University of Indonesia – Student Chapter of American Association of Petroleum Geologists recently held a short course themed “Geostatistical Analysis of Reservoir Characterization” on last Saturday, 2nd October 2010, with DR Charlie Wu as an instructor.

As usual, this activity was held at Department of Physics, FMIPA University of Indonesia, Depok. There were 35 participants who joined this event. This event started from at 01.00 pm until 4.45 pm and divided into 3 sections those are: 1) Understanding the basic theory of Geostatistics, 2) Further discussion of Geostatistical Analysis of Reservoir Characterization, and 3) Doing Exercises.

Firstly, DR Charlie Wu explains about the basic theory both Geostatistics and Statistics itself. Because some participants’ background are Geology, DR Charlie Wu giving an overview about general statistics, this is the most crucial and important things to understand to before getting advanced in Geostatistics. The interesting moment occur when DR Charlie Wu starts to connect the general statistics to Geostatistics, he brought a small bag full of woodchip with 6 different symbols (circle, triangle, A, square, X, and star). This bag assumed as reservoir, and each symbol representing kind of rocks with different porosity percentage. Then he walked around the room, moved from one table to another table, asked every participant to take 8 pieces of woodchip randomly.

By this simple activity, participant trying to determine overall porosity of this reservoir by calculating mean porosity and modes porosity then plots its curves. Because of small sample taking rates, our curve was not appropriate, but at least approaches. This interactive activity lead by DR Charlie Wu himself successfully made the basic theory of general statistics and Geostatistics keep in every participant minds.

After understanding the basic theory of general statistics, DR Charlie Wu leads all participants to move to further discussion about Geostatistical and its application/implementation in oil and gas industry. He told us that Geostatistical provides a set of statistical tools for analysis of data distributed in space and time. It allows the description of spatial patterns in the data, the incorporation of multiple sources of information in the mapping of environmental attributes, the modeling of the spatial uncertainty and its propagation through decision maker.

Finally, he gave us some exercise by excel. Again, just simple exercises but yet powerful to ask participant to sharpen their statistics minds. Unfortunately, because of the limited time, this short course must be over only on the first stages in learning Geostatistics that is only reach the overview. Hopefully, DR Charlie Wu would like to come again to continue this course soon. And it becomes committee’s evaluation to enhance quality of our activity also to consider so many things including time limit before settle up to hold an activity.


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