July 2011




The term of the executive committee of AAPG UI 2010-2011 is almost over and it is time for them to hand over their positions to the juniors who will be tasked as their successors in AAPG UI 2011-2012. The replacement process took a quite short time that is only about 1 month.

There are some candidates who participated in this election. They are:

1. Fahmi Andrian Prabowo (Geophysics 2008)

2. Iskandarsyah (Geophysics 2008)

3. Ratna Dewi (Geophysics 2008)

4. Siska Agustiningsih. (Geophysics 2008)

These candidates then must pass through sev­eral stages of the election made by the Executive Committee of AAPG UI 2010-2011.

First stage, the candidates were asked to choose a paper from the paper provided which is related to Geosciences knowledge. And then they were asked to make presentations by using the topic derived from the papers they have chosen each of the previous.

The second stage, the candidates were asked to present about the paper that they have chosen and read before in front of the executive commit­tee 2010-2011.

This stage was closed to the general election and only attended by the executive committee of 2010-2011 alone. At this stage, they were all requested to ask each other about the contents of the presentation which have brought.

“The process of this FAQ was going smoothly, “ said Iskandar as one of the candidates. After­wards, the FAQ session occurred between the candidates with the executive committee. In general, the atmosphere at this stage is a family-oriented but still considered seriously by all of the candidates

The final stage of this election was holding an open presentation from the candidates of AAPG UI 2011-2012. The presentation that brought was about how was their work program, how was the governance structure that they would create, and what was their vision and mission.

The event was held in the Seminar Utama room, Building F, FMIPA UI which is attended by stu­dents of geophysics, class 2008, 2007, and 2006.

In addition, it was attended also by several pan­elists who are assigned to ask a few questions to the candidates in order to help the audiences in determining decisions about who will be the next president of AAPG UI 2011 more easily. The panelists assigned namely are:

1. Mika Hadi Suryapranata (Vice President of AAPG UI 2009-2010)

2. Nugraheni (Secretary of AAPG UI 2009- 2010)

3. Rino Isma Aditya (President of AAPG UI 2010-2011)

4. Tajudin Noor (Vice president of AAPG UI 2010-2011)

Besides the panelists, audiences are also wel­come to propose some questions related to their capability as a candidate who will become the next president of AAPG UI. They could answer all questions proposed with a very satisfying answer.

There was no hesitation in answering the ques­tions proposed. After a FAQ session is complet­ed, several committees invited all of the candi­dates to come out of the room. While the rest remain in the room to oversee the deliberation sessions which is conducted by 2008 to decide who the candidate elected.

This is the most difficult moments that must be faced by 2008. This is because, we must choose one of the best among the good that exists. But finally after a long discussion, we also determine a name which is the best candidate in our opin­ion.

Before we announced the candidate that was elected to be president, we made a few final ex­ams. This is aimed to ensure that the candidate we have chosen was the best indeed.

And when the candidates were invited back into the room, we started perform that last exam. By this, we could saw that our chosen candidate was indeed the best of all. And with­out any hesitation we were draping the medal of AAPG UI as a symbol of the election to Fahmi Andrian Prabowo as the next president of AAPG UI 2011-2012 period.



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