May 2011





The Indonesian Petroleum Association (IPA) provides a forum for members and new investors to exchange news, views, concerns, and ideas about the industry. It is also a forum to facilitate dialogue and commu­nication between the industry and the Government of Indonesia, with its agencies such as MIGAS and BPMIGAS. The IPA also promotes education and knowledge sharing within the industry and with the wider community.

The IPA was held its 35th Convention and Exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center (18th May – 20th May 2011). With members contributing 95 percent of the country’s oil and gas industry. Major companies are available to promote their business side-by-side and involve information to the visitors. The section is opportunity to companies to showcase the prod­uct, service and public sector representatives. Their theme for this year is “Indonesia Energy: Growth, Security, and Sustainability”.

Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter also giving contribution to this event by presenting booth on 35th IPA Annual Convention & Exhibition at Exhibi­tion Hall – Jakarta Convention Center. Although in relatively short preparation, approximately only for a week, Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter could do some interesting activity. Our main activity during this exhibition is explaining to the general people who did not get familiar yet with AAPG, giving information about how to be a professional member of AAPG, asking some geoscientists who came to our booth to share some of their expertise with our student chapter’s members on campus soon,

explaining about Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter and its relation with the international AAPG, and also giving review about the activity Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter which consists of 12 universities in Indonesia during this year.

We are using some poster to inform peoples about Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter’s activity review, in such a way peoples more interested to come and could easily informed. We are rearranging those posters every day in order to give some fresh look and also for anticipating the small area as poster display. Besides that, we are also using banner, some brochures, and souvenirs for the same reasons.

One hundred and fifty four peoples were signed our guest book, consists of Indonesian AAPG Stu­dent Chapter’s Oversight Committee, geoscientists and workers from various companies, IPA’s student volunteers, and of course Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter’s members of the 12 universities. We are also had courtesy visit from Ms Adrienne Pereira (AAPG Asia Pacific) and Mr Peter Beillie (Vice President of AAPG Headquarter).

Ms Adrienne Pereira had been visited our booth oftentimes and had some conversations about our activity review, international AAPG issues, and our campus life. She was also helped us in explaining the application form for peoples who interested to be AAPG professional members.

An honorary session by Mr Peter Beillie was held in the third day of exhibition, although he had been visited our booth every day since the first day. This honorary session was held on one small room in the lower lobby of Jakarta Convention Center, separated

with Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter’s booth itself.

On this session, Mr Peter Beillie expresses his appreciation to Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter for our various activities year by year and our abil­ity in maintaining the outstanding student chapter achievement for years. Ms Adrienne also expresses her appreciation to the Indonesian geosciences students which always participating Imperial Barrel Award in Asia Pacific region, but regret about the Indonesian student who competes in IBA until today still dominated by graduated students of UI and ITB only.

She thinks the undergraduate students have to try to join IBA competition too. Regards to her sugges­tion, Mr Geovani Kaeng giving explanation related to problem of why the Indonesian undergraduate students did not join IBA competition. He said that the main problem is software unavailability and students’ insufficient knowledge in loading data lad­der. As the answer, Ms Adrienne suggests the Indo­nesian AAPG Student Chapter to create the mini IBA competition which will attended by the Indonesian undergraduate students as the preparation for the real International IBA competition.

Our booth also had small award session on the sec­ond day of exhibition which prepared by AAPG inter­national, Ms Adrienne Pereira and Mr Peter Beillie. This session was dedicated to the three of Indone­sian AAPG Student Chapter’s Oversight Committee who receive an award for their services rendered to the AAPG Asia Pacific Region. They are Mr Geovani Christopher Kaeng as Student Chapter Manager

since 2006, Mr Agus Muhammad Ustadz as Web­site Manager since 2007, and Mr Guruh Ferdyanto as Distinguished Lecturer/Visiting Geoscientist Manager since 2008. AAPG International awarded certificates for them as their appreciation. Unfortu­nately, Mr Guruh Ferdyanto did not come on the IPA this year.

Some special guest also visited our booth, besides the geoscientists who are willing to be our guest lecturer soon, there are also the representative of Putera Sampoerna Foundation and Mr Colin Singer from RPS, both of them offering co-partnership relation. The representative of Putera Sampoerna Foundation expresses their willingness of giving scholarship for mining and petroleum students through Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter, while Mr Colin Singer from RPS expresses about their in­terest of being Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter’s next sponsor. Their contacts are herewith enclosed as consideration.

This event also becomes students’ gathering espe­cially on the third day. We were exchange informa­tion, getting updates, and meet the long-time-no-see friends. Overall, this event had been held as fun gathering session along with its function as AAPG information center.

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